Utilizing advanced technologies and accelerated recruitment cycles in unison with a deep understanding of our customers’

manufacturing practices, Skill Demand generates quality talent pipelines of skilled laborers

who can successfully support workforce demands all over the nation. We place employees with leading companies in the medical device, biomedical & biotechnology, food & beverage and consumer goods space, and more. From the technical solutions to the manpower that delivers it, Skill Demand has you covered.


Biological/Life Science

(biochemical, biomechanical, genetic, pharmaceuticals)

Transport Construction

(hydraulic, railway, structural, surveying)


(explosives, biomolecular, process)

Electrical & Electronics

(software, power systems, control systems, telecommunications)

Light Industrial

(assembly, labeling, packaging)

Heavy Industrial

(automotive, aviation, aerospace & defense)

Metal & Machinery

(machining, welding, etc.)

We Supply

  • Primary (Casting, Forming, Joining)
  • Secondary (machining, surface treatment, coating, etc.)
  • Advanced Machining (Powder Metallurgy (PM) Rapid Prototyping (RP), CNC machines, Dye Casting, etc.)

Process Staff

  • Planning
  • Purchasing
  • Shipping/Receiving

Production Support Staff

  • Assembly
  • General Labor
  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • R&D

Non Production Staff

  • Administrative
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Customer Support
  • Information Technology & Systems


Manufacturing industry is forecast to increase faster than the general economy so in order to increase production and drive down costs, manufacturing companies have expanded their supply chains from a regional to a global scale. To accomplish this successfully requires finding and keeping transcendent vendors who are able to support enterprise business needs while maintaining a sustainable workforce platform. Especially in the manufacturing business, it is always more efficient to retain a quality employee than to recruit, train and orient a replacement employee of the same quality.

Staff Augmentation

Program Management

Managed Services

Employee Training & Development